What is a Student Union?

A student union IS NOT SGA.

A student union IS a building…but we are not!

Coastal Carolina Student Union is a student-led, self-directed, organization working to make the voices of students heard. We work to attain sufficient representation through leadership development, organization, publication, education, coordination of activities, analysis of current systems and potential systems for the future. “A Student Union provides a forum for students to promote initiatives of common interest, to voice their commonalities, differences, goals, and ideas….Provides opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and abilities, supports opportunities for creativity and the free exchange of ideas and opinions….collectively works for a platform for ALL students to participate in conversations regarding their education and community.”

While we are primarily a student-led organization, we solicit, embrace and reciprocate feedback, participation and assistance from complementing groups such as alumni, staff, faculty, community members/organizations and administration.

Find us on Facebook/Twitter or tell us how you feel through our “Submit” page.


General inquiries, contact coastalcarolinastudentunion@gmail.com

*Disclaimer- This website does not reflect the opinions/beliefs of Coastal Carolina University


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