Say NO to Glenn McConnell as President of the College of Charleston



  1. Petition by

    Brandon UPSON

    Charleston, SC

Overall, Glenn McConnell isn’t qualified for the job. McConnell has no experience working in higher education; nor has he ever been an executive or an administrator of a large organization. CofC students cannot afford an unqualified president who is divisive by the nature of his track record.

Currently only about 6 percent of students enrolled at the College of Charleston are black, while blacks make up about 30 percent of the population of South Carolina. McConnell being hired would further discourage minority students from enrolling because he:

– Spearheaded the effort to prevent the removal of the confederate battle flag from the Statehouse dome and the legislative chambers of the capitol.

– Refused to support efforts to make Martin Luther King Jr. Day a state holiday unless the state also made Confederate Memorial Day a holiday. To achieve that, state employees lost Election Day as a state holiday.

– Is a devotee of Confederate heritage who saw to it that millions of state funds were allocated to raise and preserve the Confederate submarine, the H.L. Hunley.

Please join our efforts to protect the integrity of our college by signing our petition, and standing with us in support of diversity.

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