Last Week’s Cover Not So Crafty.

By Erika Moreno, Jillian Ditch, Nicole Tedesco and Na’dae Beaty.

[Originally published in November]



We understand that the student body is feeling the teal after last week’s win over
Presbyterian College Blue Hose, however, The Chanticleer’s cover headline “Coastal
Beats Those Hose” was sexist and troubling on the front page. The headline is an obvious
play on the word “hoe,” a derogatory term for women that chastises them for being
sexual. The phrase “beating those hose” invokes an image of violence against sexual
women. So, to applaud Coastal’s football team for “beating those hose” is to trivialize
violence against women, especially women who enjoy sex. This is precisely the type of
attitude that contributes to sexual violence and makes it difficult for victims to get the
help they need. defines sexism as, “behavior, conditions, or
attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex.”


The real issue here is how sexism promotes and permits a rape culture on campus.
Rape culture is the concept that links rape and sexual violence to the culture of a society,
specifically the prevalent attitudes and practices that normalize, excuse, tolerate, and
even condone rape. Our societal norms have created an environment in which this rape
culture is embraced, and we are not the only university affected. However, other
universities such as, UConn, Vanderbilt, and Stanford are stagnant, negligent, and
mishandling such issues. In recent news at McAdory High School in Alabama during a
football game, the cheerleaders held a run through sign, which read, “Hey Indians, get
ready to leave in a Trail of Tears, Round 2.” The administration at that school turned this
situation into an opportunity to educate its students by re-teaching and reviewing Native
American history. A public statement made by Principal Humphries was issued in The
Cherokee One Feather, “Please accept our sincere apologies to the Native American
people and to anyone who was offended by the reference to an event that is a stain on our
nation’s past forever.” As CCU students, we would like to see our institution take similar
and necessary precautions and promote a society that realizes the severity of allowing
such stereotypes to be normalized within our microcosm. In light of recent events on
campus, we question the values Coastal is promoting. The characters in power should
take this opportunity to come forward and respond to the student body as to what values
this university is trying to promote and rectify the recent behavior by reiterating and
implementing CCU’s true values.

We acknowledge that this headline was intended to be clever and funny but as
adults we need to realize the effects of using this phrase for a comedic relief. We, too, are
excited over last week’s win, but it is important to not use terms that embody a degrading
demeanor and condone violence against women. With that being said, we want to bring
awareness to our campus and implement effective mandatory sexual assault awareness
programming university-wide for faculty/staff, students, and administrators. Students
would like to be involved in this ongoing conversation with administrators and faculty/
staff to promote a healthier and safer environment for all Chanticleers. We recognize
that CCU currently implements programming and resources for students; however, it is
important to realize that not nearly enough of the student body is receiving this
programming. We need to revamp our current curriculum to improve awareness of these
issues and its prevalence within our community. Our first step should be, “Allowing for
and supporting the formation of a committee(s), with student, staff and faculty
representation, to evaluate the effectiveness of the current sexual assault policies,
protocols, and educational programming at CCU” a direct quote from the faculty and
staff petition which can be found at The students also have a
petition circulating at, which also requests the administrators to
address the students in regards to our growing concerns. As consumers we are not
satisfied customers because of the dangerous culture we are falsely advertising as safe.

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